it's easier to pray with sajdah counter

what is sajdah counter?

Sajdah Counter is a small device, designed to help Muslims during prayers to keep track of Raka’at counts.

The compact device is simple and easy to use. The Sajdah Counter is placed on the prayer mat and turned on by pushing the round button. The device will then count the number of Sajdah by sensing the amount of light during Sujood.

After prayers, the device is turned off by pressing the round button for 3 seconds. If the device is left without counting for 30 minutes it will turn off automatically.  


Easy to use

One-touch setup

Multi function

Can also be used for Tasbeeh


Light-weight and fits right in your pocket

Long battery life

Turns off automatically

user friendly

Easy and convenient to use


Ensuring no counts are missed

how it works

Place the Sajdah Counter on your mat before prayer. Turn the device on by pressing the round button and you are ready to go.

Light falling on device's sensor is less during Sujood, and so the device increases its count when the person gets up from Sujood.

After finishing prayers, press the round button for 3 seconds to turn it off. If the device is left without activity for 30 minutes, it turns off automatically.


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